Training Information

Ultrasound courses for physicians

The Ultrasound Diagnostic Training Center offers ultrasound courses.

The step concept: Basic Course – Building Course – Price is applied.

In addition, Doppler courses are offered which have a modular design.

Theme courses are offered by arrangement. In June 2016, a course on the topic of nerve sonography will take place.

Ultrasonic courses for company employees
Since there are no sonographers in Germany, there are consequently no training as such.

The Concept
Is the focus of the conception, logistic and practical execution of ultrasound examinations.

Tutors and Speakers
All tutors are experts the concepts of the courses and are intensively prepared for the upcoming exercises. Thus, the quality of the mediation of skills is ensured in the examination turn: Ultrasound system examiner.

Ultrasonic Systems
There are state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment available, which makes working in small groups possible. Each group is led by an experienced tutor.

Duration of trainings
The duration of the trainings are 1-3 days depending on the requirements and concept. Three-day courses run from Tuesday to Thursday.

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