Ludwig-SteffgenCurriculum Vitae, Ludwig Steffgen


Since June 2016
Managing Director
Trainings-Zentrum Ultraschall-Diagnostik
Foundation of a training institution with the goal of improving the quality of ultrasound diagnostics. The focus is on European countries.

2014 until April 2016
Director of Marketing | Premium Products

Global responsibility for the development of the ZS3 Premium Ultrasound-Platform from ZONARE Medical Systems Inc.

Second 3-Week Research Expedition to Ghana

Invitation by Prof. Dr. med Achim Hörauf, Director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, University of Bonn.

  • Research project: “Abolisch Filariosis” led by Dr. Sabine Mand.
  • Topic: Portraying the parasite worm Wucheria bancroftii with ultrasound, B-Mode, Color-Doppler and PW-Doppler. Several publications resulted from this project.

2008 to 2016
Managing Director of OSPP-GmbH

Parallel to the above mentioned activities I have been the sole managing director of the OSPP-GmbH, Optimized Signature and Paper Processing, since 2008. Having successfully completed the targeted projects, the company has been liquidated.

2005 to 2014
Sales Manager and Manager of Clinical Marketing

Foundation of ZONARE Medical Systems GmbH in Erlangen in 2005 together with two colleagues. Development oversight for it’s 12 member team. Simultaneously Sales Manager for ZONARE Medical Systems GmbH, responsible for the south of Germany and Manager of Clinical Marketing.

3-Week Research Expediton to Ghana

Invitation by Prof. Dr. med Bernhard Fleischer, Director of the Tropical Institute Hamburg, “Bernhard Nocht Institut”.

  • Research project: “Abolisch Filariosis” led by Dr. Sabine Mand.
  • Topic: Display of the parasite worm Wucheria bancroftii with ultrasound, B-Mode, Color-Doppler und PW-Doppler. Several publications resulted from this project.

2000 to 2005
Sales Manager for Germany, Manager of Clinical Marketing, SonoSite GmbH

As part of 4MED AG we offered market analysis and market introduction for SonoSite Inc. USA. This resulted in the mandate to establish the German branch of SonoSite Inc. SonoSite GmbH. Having done this very successfully, we handed the company over in 2005 to focus on new tasks.

July 2000
Television appearance on German channel ZDF “Nano – The Future Magazine”

Presentation on the role of 3D displays in medicine.

1999 to 2016
Foundation of company 4MED AG, Manager of Clinical Marketing for 4MED AG
Shareholder with 29% of shares. 4MED AG was founded together with two colleagues and used as a platform to facilitate American companies entrance to the European health markets. The foundation of the Sonosite GmbH was one of the results. Following the death of one of my colleagues and his wife inheriting the majority of shares, my other colleague and I withdrew from company’s activities. The 4MED AG is liquidated.

1990 to 1999
Manager of Clinical Marketing, Acuson GmbH

I started with Acuson as a Field Application Specialist. 6 month later I was promoted to Manager of the Application Specialists. Another 6 month later I was promoted to Manager of Clinical Marketing, responsible for the German speaking countries in Europe, namely Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In this role I took on additional responsibilities to promote the Key Opinion Leaders all over Europe. I also developed customer training concepts which are still in use by other companies.

1989 to 1990
Application Specialist for Ultrasound, General Electric, Frankfurt

Parallel to my duties as Application Specialist I also spent 3.5 months in Buc (near Paris) France, where I was involved in the development of a Color-Doppler unit in the research laboratory.

1988 to 1989
Tanzania, Uparo in the Foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro

Installation of a Dispensary (First Aid Station) as private project via the workshop “Development politics” initiative of the Catholic student circle in Mainz. During my stay in Uparo, a hospital with 16 beds was established and run by a catholic funding body.

1979 to 1988
Medical Technical Assistant, Pathological Institute, Trier
Dr. med. Harald König, Prof. Dr. med. Ewald Mäusle, Dr. Uwe Uhl

Management of the histological laboratory, including purchasing responsibilities for the stock. Taxidermy of the delivered tissues, histological processing of the specimens. During this time I carried out around 1000 autopsies.

  • Education activities: During this time I was also teaching anatomy, physiology and histology at the school for medical technical assistants in Trier.

1977 to 1979 Education
Medizinisch Technischer Assistent and der MTA Schule in Trier

1964 to 1968 – Grundschule Dreis
1968 to 1971 – Cusanus-Gymnasium Wittlich
1972 to 1973 – Krankenhausschule Bonn Bad Godesberg
1973 to 1977 – Cusanusgymnasium Wittlich, University entrance exams 1977

On 14 February 1957
I was born as the fourth child of the married couple Peter Steffgen and Margareta Steffgen, nee Mehrfeld in Dreis, Germany.

Additional Education

1991 – Training as Sonographer with the company Acuson and Stanford University Mountain View, CA, USA
1991 to Present – Participation in about 300 vocational training courses, quite often as speaker. I have conducted about 360 training courses myself.


  • Very good anatomical knowledge.
  • Specialist knowledge in Ultrasound Diagnostics. Multiple publications in medical journals and medical books.
  • Medical device advisor.
  • Very good didactic capabilities.
  • Fluent in English. I have given many presentations in English worldwide.
  • Basic knowledge in French.
  • During my career I have developed many training concepts for medical doctors and conducted around 360 trainings myself, addressing more than 6000 people.


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U.S. Patent Application No: 14/292477
Filing Date: 30 May 2014
Title: System and method for selective enhancement of a region of interest in an image
Approved: 2016

Patent filed:

U.S. Patent Application No: 62/005724
Filing Date: 05-30-2014
Title: System and Method for contextual imaging workflow


Music: Choral singing, classical music and jazz, brass music.
Trompet lessons at the Conservatoire de Luxembourg with Prof. Charles Consbruck
Scuba diving